Section 1: SEO Reseller Program Details

Section 2: Adding an SEO Deal

Section 3: The SEO Plugin

Section 4: SEO User Dashboard


SEO Reseller Program

Welcome to SEO.Money. Where you save time and money on SEO. Our revolutionary SEO platform takes the stress and aggravation out of 2 main fundamentals of quality SEO: Content and Links.

We deliver all of this via an online portal that connects and streams to all sites in our platform 24/7. We have been in operation for more than 2 decades and have thousands of sites running our plugin. All sites in our system are vetted and approved by our support staff. These are real business websites that opt-in to our services. We don't allow sites to join for the sole purpose of linking; quality is more important than quantity.

As the platform grows, so do the results. Every new client is categorized into 3 related niches, increasing the overall relevancy that we can provide.

Once you connect a site to our platform, our team of writers gets to work developing content for the keywords you provide. This includes supporting content for related words as well. This content is structured on your site via the plugin as well as used within our cooperative of categorized sites to share your articles for one-way, reciprocal, and 3-way link building. Our algorithms take a plethora of factors into account when placing the citation listings and sharing the unique articles for the best possible results.

This guide will cover many topics in more detail. Ranging from installing the plugin, picking the keywords, modifying content, and even frequently asked client questions. The quick reference above will help you navigate.

SEO Reseller Pricing

The cost of being a white-labeled reseller is $500 one time fee. This gives you:

  • 50% off retail prices
  • Full rebranded panel for you and your clients
  • SEOM 5 package for your company website
  • Unlimited Free SEOM 5 packages (normally a one-time fee of $150
  • Our custom-built call center to help you harvest leads and get sales!
  • Our "Talk" communication platform to schedule video and call conferences.

Learn more about packages below.

For agencies, we prefer to work on a wholesale model. You simply add a credit card on file, pick the service level, and we charge you monthly for the service. You upsell and bill your client on your own terms.

We can do a commission-based model. 95% of agencies fit better in the wholesale model, but with the commission-based model, your users would have access to add a credit card for billing; we would bill them the full retail price and pay you a commission of 50%. They will see us on their billing statement as "web SEO service". If this option sounds right for you, just let us know.

SEO Reseller Package Levels

We have several package-level options. See the deliverables & timeframes section for specifics.


$150 Monthly

  • Retail Price $300/mo
  • 5 Main keyword
  • 10 Support keyword
  • 15 Total Keywords
  • 15 Total Partners

$300 Monthly

  • Retail Price $600/mo
  • 10 Main keyword
  • 20 Support keyword
  • 30 Total keyword
  • 30 Total Partners

$600 Monthly

  • Retail Price $1200/mo
  • 20 Main keyword
  • 40 Support keyword
  • 60 Total keyword
  • 60 Total Partners

$900 Monthly

  • Retail Price $1800/mo
  • 30 Main keyword
  • 60 Support keyword
  • 90 Total keyword
  • 90 Total Partners

* Keyword Changes are labor intensive and will incur a $50 one-time fee for each main keyword changed after signup

Our recommendation on markup is 100%. Meaning a fair market price for the SEOM 30 that you pay $300 for should be resold at $600 monthly. Marking up higher is completely up to you. Our goal is always to give the client the best value for the money to ensure the longevity of the client. While the service is worth a higher monthly cost, we feel the more reasonable price will help you retain the customer long-term in a relationship where everyone wins.

As a reseller, you get our SEOM 5 package completely free for as many domains as you want. You can charge your client a small monthly fee, a one-time fee, or give it to them free.

Package Deliverables & Timeframes

SEO Package Deliverables

These are the primary keywords for the account. You, as the agency or your client, can pick these keywords. If you are unsure how to pick the best keywords, we can pick these for you. Just reach out to us if you would like our keyword research.

Supporting Keywords

Our team will pick these keywords for you based on the main keywords provided. These words will get on-site content, links from the onsite and off-site main articles, as well as be included in the ranking report. These keywords will get the same ranking power as the main keywords.

When choosing these keywords our team will research to find words very closely related to the main keyword you have chosen. Longtail elements may be added to the keywords to cover a range of keyword options and searches. Locations may also be used on the keywords to rank nationally for that location, which will also help you rank locally for the national version. An example may be Computer Repair Brooklyn New York. This will rank for that exact match keyword as well as help you rank for Just "Computer Repair" in Brooklyn.

Total Keywords

The total keywords for each package in the chart refer to the main and supporting keywords combined. This is the true number of keywords for the package. This effectively brings your cost down to $10 per keyword as a reseller.

On-Site Content Within 10 Days

With our SEOM packages we develop on-page articles per main package keyword as well as on-page articles for supporting keywords on the package level.

Each article will cover general information about the keyword topic as well as an intro paragraph about your company. The main article will mention the supporting articles within them. These keywords will link down into the supporting content for a funnel effect of related information.

The articles are 500 to 600 words long and can be edited by the client or you for full customization within our dashboard. These pages are streamed to your website via the plugin. This content is only included when the plugin is installed. If you can't install the plugin, we can only send Citation listings. You can learn more about this in the override live section.

Off-Site Content Within 10 Days

On top of the on-site content, we also develop a unique 500-word article for each main keyword.

Within each of these articles, there will also be the 2 supporting sub-keywords linked directly to your supporting keyword pages. At the bottom of each article is a link going to another keywords-shared article for your client on another website. Building links to the pages hosting your shared content is a great power factor.

These offsite articles are shared on the system-assigned linked partners.

Content & Citation Partners

Citation listings Instantly After Going Live, shared article after content completion: Each partner site will host one of the unique off-site content articles mentioned above. Within this article, each supporting keyword will be linked to your site to the supporting page we have developed for that keyword.

We also provide citation listings on reference pages on sites using our plugin that we refer to as Citation listings. These are short snippets of information about the keyword and include a link to your home page, the main keyword content page, and an off-site citation page that also has your listing. These citations are built as soon as the site goes live. The shared articles are placed after the articles are completed.

Each partner assigned will have 6 to 10 various links to your client from the citation pages and the shared article.


Instantly After Going Live, then weekly: When your keywords have been finalized, you will receive a base ranking report. This will include main and bonus supporting keywords. Each week after a new report will auto-generate and send you an email notification. It will also send an email notification to your client; this will be sent to them from your email address.


Typically, clients will start to see results in the first 30 days. Some as early as 1 week after content completion. Results continue to grow month to month as pages and listings gain age. By months 3 and 4 the client should have satisfactory results.

SEO Process & TImeline

When you add a deal, the flow is as follows:

Add The deal from the SEO DESK when you are ready to start the client's campaign.

2. Install the plugin or provide a login for us to install the plugin. If you add a deal without the plugin installed or log in for us to install it, the content will not be ordered.

3. Billing will verify that all information is provided and will bill for the package. This date is now the monthly renewal date for future billings. If any information is missing (keywords, plugin install, log-in for us to install, etc.), billing will reach out via email.

4. Once billed, the site will go through our NEW PO flow.

5. The first 24 to 48 hours of support will:

  • a. Get the domain to live status
  • b. Categorize your site into 3 niches
  • c. Template the plugin pages
  • d. Submit the work order for the supporting keyword research.

6. Once the domain goes live in the system, the citation listings will be placed automatically but may take up to 24 hours to show on the partners if they are using caching.

7. Once supporting keywords are chosen:

  • a. 3 Unique offsite articles are ordered for each main keyword
  • b. Onsite articles are ordered for each main and supporting keyword
  • c. Completion can take up to 10 days

8. When all content is completed, the system will automatically create the onsite pages and offsite content shares.

9. At this phase, the setup is complete. We do recommend that the client read all onsite and offsite content and add any customizations they would like. Feel free to insert links or images directly into the page to make them more useful to your clients.

SEO Ranking Demo

To view a live demo panel of ranking samples, go to:

  • username:
  • passwords: demouser

Once logged in, click on Analytics and Reporting. You can then choose a domain from the drop-down up top. The report that loads is the newest report, and the number gains are on each ranking. There is a drop-down in the top right of the report to choose reports from that client's history.

SEO Reseller Platform

When you become an SEO reseller for SEO.Money, you get a full rebrand of our platform to present as your own. This will be made available on a subdomain of your main website. (Example or

You get a reseller login that gives you full access to all clients under you. This allows you to view the content shares, edit content, and more, as well as access to modify these elements whenever you wish. You can also track your earnings and spending with us in the SEO DESK. Your users get a user version of the account. This lets them access only their domain information. They won't see the price you pay to us or any of our information. They can also view and change any content we create, as well as disable any partners they don't like.

Panel Setup: Once you are onboarded as an SEO Reseller, you simply need to create a CNAME record for the subdomain you wish to use. Then point this CNAME record to Then reach out to us and let us know the subdomain you want to use. From there, the setup is completed within 24 hours on our end. We will install SSL on the subdomain and template the panel to match your existing website.

By default, the ranking report notification email will go to your clients from the email address your account is created with. If you would like a specific address for them to receive the reports from, just let us know. If you have clients that don't want the weekly email notification, we can turn that off by request.

SEO Broker Program

If you refer other agencies to SEO.Money you can earn monthly for every package the add to our platform. Simply arrange a meeting between them and us (even listen in if you want), we close the deal and manage the account, and you get paid 25% for each and every deal they add on a monthly basis. You don't have the manage the client at all after the initial signup. Any deals the reseller adds will also show in your SEO DESK so you can track their progress and growth and see all accounts they have added.

You earn on all end-user deals that your referrals add. We have brokers that have onboarded resellers that earn them $10,000+ per month in commissions!

The Broker program only goes 1 layer deep; meaning you earn on the individual deals your referral adds. If that referral sends us a referral for a new agency, you don't earn; they do.

  • SEO Billing

    Billing done on our end is processed via STRIPE and shows on your statement as WEB SEO SERVICE. This generic identifier is used due to us billing on the commission model for certain resellers.
  • SEO Commissions

    Commissions are also paid via stripe. When you are ready to earn commissions, a stripe connection link will be sent to you to connect an express account to your bank. Commissions are paid to the account at the time of sale, and stripe disburses to your bank in an average of 2 business days.
  • SEO Refunds

    We do not offer refunds after the account is billed for the monthly fee. You must cancel before the renewal billing date to avoid paying for the following month. If you cancel after the account has been billed for renewal, the service will remain on until the following month's renewal date and will deactivate.

Adding An SEO Deal

Adding a Deal: Adding a deal is quick and easy with the SEO DESK. If you already have a reseller account setup then you will automatically land on the SEO DESK (the SEO DESK is the management panel) when you log in. If you are logged in and have navigated to any other page, you can always get back to the SEO DESK with the green button on the top navigation.

Once on the SEO DESK, you will see a large orange box on the top right with 2 options: Add Deal and New Orders. This section will only cover the Add Deal option; the new orders will be covered in the SEODESK specific section below.

Step 1

Click Add Deal

Step 2

Here, you have three options

• Create a new user – This will let you set a login for only the account you are adding.

• Add this deal to your account – This will put the domain directly under you

• Add to an existing user - you can use the drop-down if you have already created this user for a previous deal you have entered.

Step 3

Package Details


• If you are on the wholesale model, you will see a check box pre-checked to use your billing information.

• If you are on a commission-based model, you will see an option to enter the user's credit card if you have it; if not, they can enter it once you create the account.

Package Levels:

Choose desired package level

User Account information

• If you choose the option to create a new user, the next section will be the information for your user. First name, last name, email, and the desired password are required fields.

Domain Information

• Enter the domain name; this is the only required field

• Login information is only required if you would like us to install the plugin.


• Enter the number of keywords separated by commas or line breaks for the package level you have chosen. Only add the main keywords; any bonus keywords will be picked by our support team. If you don't have the keywords yet you can skip this step and enter your keywords after setup, or email them to our support team. We can also research and pick the main keywords by request. The average turnaround time for keyword research is 48 hours.

Step 4

Additional Information: After adding the details above, the next 2 options are:

Citation Builder:

This contact information is used when listings are placed for your client. This helps reinforce the business NAP information and will help your clients rank better in their local markets.

For clients with multiple locations that have keywords targeting these separate locations, we can customize the NAP information on a per-keyword basis upon request.

Social Builder:

Here, you can add links for various social media platforms. These links are placed on the citation listings that we build. This step is optional.


SEO Plugin

Installing the Plugin: Our SEOM packages require the plugin to be installed. We have a Wordpress-specific plugin for quick installation on WordPress sites. If the site isn't WordPress, we have PHP, ASP, and CFM versions of our files. Installation is still easy going these routes and requires a file upload to the root directory and a snippet of code added to the home page.

There are some web builders that don't give upload access to the root directory. Some examples are Godaddy, Site Tonight, Wix, Square Space, and Shopify. There are more that may not work. If you are unsure, you can use our live help to ask support to look at the domain before onboarding.

If you do onboard a domain that can't install the plugin, we have a legacy package option that can offer them citation listings only.

This option, however, does not include on-site or off-site content and does not include bonus keywords. The cost is $30 per keyword ,and you can enter a Link-Out URL for each keyword which is the target URL for us to use on the citation listings. This option isn't as effective as the full package and usually only works if you have a website with already established rankings and good on-site content to use for target pages. This should be used as a last resort only.

Installing the WordPress plugin is as simple as downloading the plugin and using WordPress's built-in plugin installation option.

Installing the other versions of the plugin has a few additional steps. When on the dashboard for the domain you are installing for, there is a download plugin link. This will let our crawlers determine which version and an auto download will begin. Inside the folder will be a read me with specific instructions for that plugin version. If you need any assistance, please use the live help on our website.

All plugin options can be installed by our team if login is provided.

PHP/ASP/CFM vs WordPress Plugin: The main difference between plugin versions are the URL paths. The WordPress will have clean URL paths, for example:
The hard-coded versions for PHP, asp, and cfm will have query strings in the URL, for example: plugin&PageID=201971

We have found no correlation to a better ranking outcome when using various versions, so use the version you are most comfortable with.

Plugin Function: The plugin is the gateway from our platform to your website. This creates the connection to our database for our system to generate your onsite content, your assigned offsite content shares, and your citation pages.

The goal is for the plugin to be integrated as cleanly as possible to match your website. If at any time you are unhappy with the layout of the pages, please contact support with notes.

It is also designed to be unobtrusive to your normal site visitors. It's accessible only in the footer of your website and is disguised behind a copyright notice. For example, , scroll to the very bottom of the site, and hover over the copyright notice in the center of the footer. A menu will pop up with 2 options. Articles, which are these clients on page articles, and related articles, which are the articles this client is sharing for other customers.


SEO User Dashboard

Dashboard Home Page: On the main user dashboard, you can quickly get some general information about the domain and the current package level and domain status. If enabled in your reseller options, the user would also see an upgrade option, add new domain option, and a download plugin option here. If you are on the wholesale model, the Upgrade Domain and Add New Domain buttons will be disabled for your users; only you can modify their package level from the SEO DESK.

If you have multiple domains, at the top of every page of the user dashboard will be a drop-down box for "select domain". This can be used on any page of the user dashboard. Simply pick the domain from that drop-down, and the information on the page will update.

Keyword Content: This section is the keyword content for your main keyword pages. The status section will be all green when all content is completed by our staff. Clicking the Edit button will expand the details for that keyword.

When on a paying package, all details on this page will be filled in by our staff within the first 10 days of service if the domain is live with the plugin installed, so there's no need to fill any of this out.

However, once our staff does complete these sections, we do recommend that you look them over and customize the short and full text to be custom-tailored to your business or business model.

Elements on this page include:
  • Keyword

    This is not editable by you or the client. To request a keyword change on any domain, please email support or submit a ticket: Changing a main keyword requires 3 more unique offsite articles to be created and 2 additional supporting word articles to be created, as well as the main article for the keyword. A keyword change after the initial setup will result in a $50 fee per keyword change.
  • Meta Title

    We like to keep this simple and on point for the keyword of the page, however, you can modify it to make it more personal if you would like; just be sure to keep the main keyword included.
  • Short Description

    This is approximately 75 words long and is the text used on the citation pages. Modify it if you would like, but keep its length about the same.
  • Meta Description

    This is for the meta description tag; customize it if you would like, keeping overall length about the same
  • Full supporting content

    This is the article the team has created for your main keyword, typically 500 words or a little longer. We do recommend you read this and customize it to your liking. Extending this content is completely fine as long as the content is unique and not copied from other pages of your website. We also encourage you to add-in any images and links to other pages on your site if they are related to this keyword. This can be additional info pages or product pages.
  • Link Out URL

    If you have the plugin installed, you will not need this field. Adding a URL here will send link power to this page instead of any pages the plugin creates. This is for sites that need over ride live status that can't install the plugin. This gives us the ability to build citation placements for the keyword and is only necessary in those circumstances.
* Important: You must hit the save changes button below the information for this keyword before going to the next keyword. This will close the information for that page, and you can edit the next in line.

SEO Supporting Keyword Content

This link can be found in the dashboard drop-down menu, or the green button on under the domain category listing.

What this is and how it is used are explained in the Deliverables section above. On this page of the dashboard on the left, you will see your main keywords. To the right, you will see the supporting keyword our staff has chosen. Again, these are not editable, and a request to modify them must be made to support.

When the supporting content is complete, they will display in the left column as blue links below each main keyword along with the date they were completed. Clicking them will open the edit page for that supporting document. Just as on the full text, we do recommend you and the client give this a read and modify it with as much useful information about your business as you can. Just make sure this is unique content used only here and nowhere else. Once done, save changes, then hit the blue back button.

SEO Offsite Keyword Content

This page can be found in the dashboard drop-down menu, or just below the domain category listing from other dashboard pages. A detailed explanation of what these pages are can be found in the deliverables section above.

When these items are completed, they will show as blue keyword links in the right column. All three will match the main keyword exactly. Each is unique and used off-site for content sharing. Some may be top 5 style lists, with you being the number 1 provider. These can be great conversion-style pages.

Clicking the blue keyword links will open the editor for each of these pages. Make your edits, hit save, and then use the blue back button to go back.

Content Sharing for SEO Gains

This section will show you the partners your content has been placed on as well as the content you are displaying for other members. The pie charts up top show relevancy on the left and reciprocal vs one way on the right. Below that, you can see a table with additional information.

When these items are completed, they will show as blue keyword links in the right column. All three will match the main keyword exactly. Each is unique and used off-site for content sharing. Some may be top 5 style lists, with you being the number 1 provider. These can be great conversion-style pages.

Clicking the blue keyword links will open the editor for each of these pages. Make your edits, hit save, and then use the blue back button to go back.

To the right of that column, you will see an ENABLED button. This means the share is active. If you click the word ENABLED, it will turn to disabled, and the content share will be removed. Only use this if you have a specific reason for not wanting that partner. This will exclude you from ever hosting or having your content hosted by them again. If it's a content share for you, the system will replace it with a new partner within 24 hours.

Each of these partners will have several links to you. They will host your citation info on their citation pages and a full unique article on their shared articles. The shared articles will contain links to your on-site content for the main and supporting keywords. The citation link will also include your map, social links, a link to your home page, and various links to other links pages for your domain.

SEO Analytics & Reporting

Here, you will find your keyword ranking report. The report that loads will always be your most recent report. The column on the right will allow you to pick a history date to view a past report. Above that, you will see an option to download a .png of the report. This is helpful if you want to manually email this report to your customer or include it in a case study.

Within the report, you can click the keyword on the left to view the page on your site created for that keyword. The numbers in the columns are also clickable to take you to a search for that keyword to verify positioning.

Our reports use proxies located across the country to mimic human searching and report back the findings. We check each keyword 3 times from 3 proxies and report the average positioning. It's not uncommon to see different results when you search from your location or click the link in the report. Usually, discrepancies are within 4 or 5 spots of the reported ranking; however, if it's a national term or a term that just gained positioning, you may find quite a different result.

Ideally, the best ranking reports are run locally from your city. However, we currently do not have that capability, but we hope to in the future. This can play a big role in national terms. For example, If you search Best Plumber and I search Best Plumber, we are going to get wildly different results as search engines will serve us up companies close to us that would actually be useful to us.

This means if you choose to go after terms without location identifiers on them, the report will likely not show placement, but that doesn't mean within your area and the service area, the client will start to see results. We often recommend going with locations on the keywords to help the term rank when searched with the location as well as help the national version rank within the service area. This would mean targeting Best plumber Brooklyn, vs. Best Plumber.

Beneath the results chart, you will see a totals chart. This will show you all your keywords, how many top results you have, and your total positive or negative gain from the start of your campaign.

At the very bottom of the report, we pull in bonus information from's API. This data will only show if the semrush has information available from the domain. This can include traffic stats as well as additionally ranked keywords. Semrush does seem to limit the information that they offer from the API. As an agency SEMRush is a valuable tool, and if you do have access, you can manually track your client's progress for even more data.

Local SEO Citation Builder

This contact information is used when citation listings are placed for your client. This helps reinforce the business NAP information and will help your clients rank better in their local markets.

For clients with multiple locations that have keywords targeting these separate locations, we can customize the NAP information on a per-keyword basis upon request. This info is optional but recommended.

SEO Social Link Building

Here, you can add links for various social media platforms. This info is optional. They are as follows:


The plugin is installed and properly communicating with our platform


The domain will be treated as a live domain, but the plugin is missing. This status is a grace period if the plugin is removed from a website by accident. If after 5 days, the plugin isn't reinstalled the domain will then go to dormant status.


After being Active status without the plugin for 5 days the domain will become dormant, and citations and content shares will stop streaming until the plugin is reinstalled.


Your domain is offline and unreachable

New PO

The domain is in the process of having its upgrade applied. Typically, this status will change within 48 hours when processed.


Your SEOM5 free package is pending setup, if login was provided, or the plugin was installed, this will go live within 24 hours.


Support has determined your website doesn't meet the minimum entry criteria to join in the program.

Account Settings

Access to change various personal information for the domain you are on.

Update Snap Shot

The blue button under your website snapshot will refresh the stored image for your website. Use this if the image is out of date compared to your live site.


The SEO Desk

The SEO DESK is your gateway to managing your deals and your user's deals. Using the domain drop-down at the top of the page will allow you to jump to the user dashboard for all deals under you.


The main page will show information about your overall deals in the system. You can view:

  • Total domainsAll domains under you.
  • Total paid accountsOnly the domains that are on active paying packages.
  • Live free paid accountsdomains that are on the SEOM 5 package that you are getting for free.
  • Your current earningsIf you have referred other agencies and are earning through our broker program.
  • Current spending.Total monthly costs for all paid packages combined.

Clicking any of the top boxes will take you to a page with domains that fit the box. Below this information, you will see a pie chart showing totals for all domains, as well as a signup chart to show your month-to-month progress. Below these 2 charts is a button that says "Open", this will expand a larger view of your finances related to commission earnings.

Install Ratio

This number is the percentage of live sites that have the plugin installed. As mentioned in the document, we have an override live option for when a client can't install a plugin. However, sites like this take from the system without participating in the giving. We need to keep that number low to keep the system healthy. We like to see your total over 85%; however, we will allow it to go as low as 70%. Any lower than that and deals without plugin installation will not be permitted.

Add Deal

This allows you to add a new site and customer to the system. Explained in more detail in section 2.

New Orders

This page is currently under development and isn't ready to be used.


This drop-down menu item will let you view all domains, only the live paid domains, domains that don't have the plugin installed, and trial domains (if a special circumstance allows you to offer a free trial to a prospect, which is currently not available).


Here, you can modify or add your credit card for your wholesale billing.


Here, you can download the WordPress plugin. If you need any other version, you can find it by going to the All Domains page, then clicking the plugin button in the far- right column on the domain you are installing it on.


SEO Downgrades & Upgrades

Upgrading a Domain

From the SEO DESK, click the domains menu item and click all domains. In the Actions column of each domain, you will see a button for Upgrade.

This will submit the upgrade request to us as a New PO. The system will not auto-bill you for the upgrade. Someone on this end will process the upgrade and make the appropriate changes, and will notify you if there is a prorated amount due to make the upgrade between billing cycles.

Canceling a domain

To cancel a domain, simply enter a support ticket. The domain will remain on service until the next renewal date and will downgrade with no further billing. Cancellations must be made before the renewal date. We do not offer refunds for cancellations made after the billing renewal date.

Downgrading a Domain

The package level can also be downgraded via the method above, but is not recommended. By default, if you go from a larger keyword package down to a smaller one, the system will disable to last keywords in the list. You won't have an opportunity to choose which words to remove or keep. A support ticket is ideal with the domain you want to downgrade, how many words you want to downgrade to, and a list of words to keep or remove.

Changing a keyword

Keyword changes are labor intensive and require the creation of 6 new 500-word documents to cover the main keyword and supporting keywords on-site and the off-site articles for sharing. Thus, any main keyword change after setup will incur a one-time fee of $50 billed at the time of the request.


Frequently Asked SEO Questions

First let's talk about what they aren't: Our links are not a link farm, link network or PBN. Each of those types of links carries a big negative impact, and they all have a very common factor. The simple fact is that those techniques use sites that are built just for linking. The name Link Farm is derived from the fact that the sites are "grown" just to place the links on. This means the sites are thrown together very quickly, have no real value to anyone on the web, and are crammed full of links. They also have no real stats, domain authority, page authority, visits, or search engine rankings. It's very easy for Google to detect these types of links and discredit them or, even worse, penalize you for them.

Now let's talk about what they are: Each and every site in our platform is just like yours. It's a real person that owns a real online business that is looking to build links. No sites are created just to use our system; we only allow real businesses to join. This means each site has its own domain authority, real traffic, and visitors, its own keywords ranking in google and more. It's this key factor that brings the most value to the table with our platform because these are the types of links you simply can't get on your own.

Our strategies follow the golden rules of relevancy, and choose quality over quantity. We focus on sharing your content, not old fashion "link building".

It's quite simple. We don't want you to pay unless you are happy. When it comes to SEO, contracts almost always benefit the service provider. We don't want you paying because you are locked in; we want you paying because you are happy with the results.

On average, the best results come in months 3 and 4 and continue to climb after, but at any time you decide you don't like what you see, or this isn't right for you, just let us know.

Many customers will see results in the first month, oftentimes in the first week after all content is complete. Just about all clients will see positive movement in the first 30 days after content completion. Between months 1 and 4 the client should have top 10 results in the major search engines.

In 99% of cases, it is the plugin pages that will rank. The plugin delivers keyword specificityand structure that search engines love. The pages are targeted and linked to in a way that gives them the best chance of ranking.

If you already have a URL ranking, we do suggest that you add some manual links within the onsite and offsite content to that URL. This will help give your page additional power as well. This can often result in multiple pages ranking for the same keyword.

The templating of our pages and the editing of the content is in your full control. You can add conversion elements, product images, forms, etc. to the template and inside the content to make the page what you want it to be, so don't be afraid of the plugin pages' ranking. They are designed to do so, and do so quite well.

Having a strong SEO backbone on your website will help the process. We recommend that all clients have basic SEO elements done on each page of their website. Our plugin pages will take care of themselves.

Modifying the content we generate is a good idea as well. Sometimes the keyword-specific content can be a tad generic, so customizing that to the exact way you do business can be a real plus. While editing content, you can also add useful links to pages on your site related to the keyword, perhaps a product listing link or a contact us link.

Additional links from top directories help as well. Avoid purchasing guest blog posts and paid placement links in blog networks. Those are low quality and could do more harm than good.

Yes, but keyword changes are quite labor-intensive. For each main keyword, we write 3 off-page articles for the content sharing, and then we write the main on-site page, as well as the 2 supporting keyword pages. This, in total, is six 500-word documents to change a keyword. As a result, there is a one-time fee of $50 for a keyword change.

If the keyword change is minor and doesn't result in the need for new supporting keyword pages, then an exception may be able to be made. If you have a keyword change submit a ticket and we can confirm the cost to change it.

Ranking reports can be tricky. Google and other search engines use Datacenters across the planet to serve up data to searches. These data centers can be out of sync and display different results based on which data center you hit. This could be most noticeable if you had a large jump in a keywords position. One data center may have that jump recorded, while the others haven't caught up yet.

An even bigger discrepancy comes from the location in which you are searching. For example, if I search the keyword "Best Plumber" here in West Virginia, they aren't going to show me the same list of companies that you will see if you search that in New York.

Our reporting at the current time only searches the results on a national level. Often this means if you pick National level keywords like "Best Plumber" the report will almost certainly report back a "0". Often agencies and clients will opt to add a location directly to the keyword. That way we target the keyword "Brooklyn Best Plumber" as the main keyword.

This accomplishes a couple of things. First, it's very common for many searches to include a location when searching. I don't want to waste time contacting a plumber out of my area by mistake if google didn't give me the best results, so instinctually, I personally add a location to my search. Having that location helps really lock in those good results when it comes to ranking.

Secondly, adding that location and getting search metrics for it helps reinforce that you are indeed a plumber and in Brooklyn, making you more likely to rank the national form within that service area, meaning someone in Brooklyn just searching for "Best Plumber" will still likely find you, even If our current reporting capabilities don't reflect that.

Yes, but don't be scared of that. It's all part of a natural-looking link profile. How could search engines expect you to get links if they expected sites not to have links going out? It's completely natural.

Our algorithms share content based on quite a bit of criterion, and we focus a lot on industry relevancy when creating the content shares between our categories. For example, if your client is a realtor, they may get partners from Home loan financing, construction, and repair, or even a real estate attorney.

Overall, we suggest not messing with the partners assigned out from you, but you do have the ability to disable any partners you don't like. If it's a direct competitor that could cause you issues or if it's something you find offensive or unrelated. However, keep in mind that a content share on a direct competitor is quite powerful in terms of relevancy, so if everyone in the system had that mindset, you could lose your most powerful partners.

If a partner is disabled the system will replace the partner with a new one within 48 hours. The number of partners you display can vary.

The pages aren't easy for your normal site visitors to find; they likely will never stumble upon them. Occasionally the citation pages or shared articles will rank for an unrelated or sometimes even a related keyword. This is because we do build links to our plugin pages from various places within the platform. Having inbound links to pages that house links really increase the power factor. That extra power factor does make these rank from time to time. While that isn't ideal, it's also not a huge concern and won't happen often.

Absolutely not. Link farms refer to sites built just for link placement The sites in a farm have no purpose other than for generic information and links. We only create placements on real businesses that have opted into our service and plugin.

Yes and No. Yes, in the sense that our algorithms do handle the placement of the links based on a long list of qualifying criteria, but only after we develop the unique content. Not in the sense that this term carries a negative connotation from junk services of the past. Old link-generating tools would just take your keywords and URL and drop them into hundreds of farmed sites to build a huge link profile instantly and "automatically". The secret sauce with our platform is the type of sites we have and the criteria we use to share your content.

Pair that with the style of links using a full custom article and structured funnel of supporting pages and you get a truly powerful style of link.

Yes! The true power of our platform comes from connecting real businesses with real businesses. That's not an easy feat! It has taken decades to amass the number of sites in our system. Every single site involved is privately owned by individual clients and 100% opt-in. We don't build or add sites just for links.

Very, very unlikely. In the past linking strategies that caused issues, built thousands of low-quality unrelated links. Putting your link in a sea of thousands on a page with no information on a site full of unrelated junk. Our approach is very structured and very conservative. We don't do anything excessive or black hat. We focus on providing high-quality, in a natural amount. 20 years and thousands of sites with zero issues!

However, if a problem did arise, our dynamic nature keeps you safe. We are 100% in control of how your information is placed. If at any time we expect any strategy or placement is causing an issue, we simply remove it, instantly!

Black-hat techniques of the past that blasted your link to thousands of junk sites left many site owners in trouble. They were stuck with harmful links that they had no control over. If you feel our shared content is causing you an issue, we can flip a switch and instantly remove them. The same goes for all of our strategies. We can completely recode how our algorithm picks partners and roll it out system-wide for immediate updates.

This is a hard question to answer. Any efforts to use programs and tactics that focus on off-site elements, like links to improve the results of the site's organic placement, can be looked at as "against guidelines". When it comes to getting your content out and links into your website, Google wants you to be so amazing at what you do that your competitors and industry partners write about you and link to you all of their own free will.

That's a near-impossible task for the average business. Unless you are a fortune 500 company making waves in the industry, no one is going to write about you and link to you because they want to. When was the last time you wrote about and linked to someone in your industry on your website?

That's what makes our service valuable. We mimic that strategy by having companies like yours opt-in to our plugin and platform. Then we do the writing about you and your keywords and share these on industry-related sites in amounts that are safe and natural.

Our service is monthly based and your monthly fee maintains your partners and the network. If a domain quits, it is downgraded to our SEOM 5 package. This allows them to keep 5 keywords for free for life, as long as the plugin remains installed. The content, pages, and citation listings created for all keywords beyond 5 are deactivated from the plugin.

No. The monthly price is for a set number of partners, not new partners every month. The number of partners may change from time to time if we tweak our algorithms. Partners may drop if users leave the platform and new partners may be added if a newer, more relevant, one becomes available. A small portion of the monthly partners, currently about 3 to 5, will change to create some natural churn.

Absolutely! This is highly encouraged. We keep our costs as low as possible to provide the best price for the service. We could find the best writers in the world but then we would have to 10x our price just to cover the setup costs. Our writing team is great, but it's not uncommon for the keyword content to be a little on the generic side. We encourage you to read over this content and modify it as you wish to include more specifics about you and how you approach the topic at hand. You can also add images, links, calls to action, and more to make the content as appealing to the reader as possible.

More instructions on how to edit on-site and off-site content are in the section above for the User Dashboard.

With the user dashboard, you can disable any partner that is hosting your content or you hosting theirs. However, we do suggest you do this only when needed and that you trust the algorithms to pick the best partners. Often times a website owner will see they are

getting or giving a listing to a competitor and have an instant reaction to disable it, however, this can be one of your most valuable relevant placements!

When you disable a partner hosting your content, the system will replace it within 24 hours.

We started in 2004. Our first version of the platform launched shortly after and has been in steady operation ever since. While tactics and strategies have evolved, at our core we have always been content and link focused.

Yes! Our research time is always watching out for the changes ahead. While most algorithms come and go without any need for us to make updates, we are always looking for ways to improve our system. Unlike platforms of the past, we have always focused heavily on quality over quantity. We build a small number of quality content shares and citations in a natural way that has worked consistently over the last 2 decades.

Yes. Nearly every "hack" is the result of unsanitized user input. Since the Premium SEO plugin does not accept any user input at all, the plugin is very secure and safe to use on your website. If you are using WordPress for your website, the WordPress installation itself can be vulnerable if not kept up to date. For safety's sake keeping your WordPress installation and all plugins up to date is crucial.

Your data is safe with us. We don't share your private information with any third-party sources. All personal information provided to us is securely stored.

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